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A multithreaded PPHPC replication in Java
A multithreaded replication of the PPHPC model in Java for testing different ABM parallelization strategies.
N Fachada
Oct 31, 2015
(De-)Stabilising effect of diffusions
What is stable: the large but coordinated change during a diffusion or the small but constant and uncoordinated changes during a dynamic equilibrium? This agent-based model of a diffusion creates output that reveal insights for system ...
J Kasmire
Aug 11, 2015
(Policy induced) Diffusion of Innovations - An integrated demand-supply Model based on Cournot Competition
Objective is to simulate policy interventions in an integrated demand-supply model. The underlying demand function links both sides. Diffusion proceeds if interactions distribute awareness (Epidemic effect) and rivalry reduces the market price (...
M Rixin
Aug 29, 2011
9 Maturity levels in Empirical Validation - An innovation diffusion example
Several taxonomies for empirical validation have been published. Our model integrates different methods to calibrate an innovation diffusion model, ranging from simple randomized input validation to complex calibration with the use of microdata...
M Rixin
Oct 19, 2011
A Complex Model of Voter Turnout
This is a complex “Data Integration Model”, following a “KIDS” rather than a “KISS” methodology - guided by the available evidence. It looks at the complex mix of social processes that may determine why people vote or not.
B Edmonds
Oct 13, 2014
A Computational Model of Workers Protest
We present an agent-based model of worker protest informed by Epstein (2002). Workers have varying degrees of grievance depending on the difference between their wage and the average of their neighbors. They protest with probabilities proportional...
J Kim
May 12, 2011
A Consumer in the Jungle of Product Differentiation
Building upon the distance-based Hotelling’s differentiation idea, we describe the behavioral experience of several prototypes of consumers, who walk a hypothetical cognitive path in an attempt to maximize their satisfaction.
A Pluchino
Dec 22, 2015
A consumer-demand simulation for Smart Metering tariffs (Innovation Diffusion)
An Agent-based model simulates consumer demand for Smart Metering tariffs. It utilizes the Bass Diffusion Model and Rogers´s adopter categories. Integration of empirical census microdata enables a validated socio-economic background for each ...
M Rixin
Aug 18, 2011
A Double-Auction Equity Market For a Single Firm with AR1 Earnings
This is a final project for the class AML 591 at Arizona State University. I have done a small amount of bug-checking, but overall the project represents only a half of a semester’s work, so proceed w
E Weisbrod
Dec 13, 2010
A Generic Java Learning Classifier Library
Complete Library for object oriented development of Classifier Systems. See for the concept behind.
K Hufschlag
Apr 09, 2010
A land-use model to illustrate ambiguity in design
This is an agent-based model that allows to test alternative designs for three model components. The model was built using the LUDAS design strategy, while each alternative is in line with the strategy. Using the model, it can be shown that...
J Schindler
Nov 05, 2012
A Mathematical Model of The Beer Game
This is the R code of the mathematical model that includes the decision making formulations for artificial agents. This code corresponds to equations 1-70 given in the paper “A Mathematical Model of The Beer Game”.
H Yasarcan
Mar 21, 2014
A Mathematical Model of The Beer Game Coded in R for Verification
This is the R code of the mathematical model used for verification. This code corresponds to equations 1-9, 15-53, 58-62, 69-70, and 72-75 given in the paper “A Mathematical Model of The Beer Game”.
H Yasarcan
Mar 21, 2014
A minimal assumption based agent based simulation model of the emergence of technological innovation
This simulation model is to simulate the emergence of technological innovation processes from the hypercycles perspective.
Y Zhao
Oct 19, 2014
A model of circular migration
An empirically validated agent-based model of circular migration
Aug 07, 2013