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Infantry Company Engagement Model with Command and Control

Submitted: Oct 6, 2014
Last Updated: Oct 6, 2014
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Infantry Company Engagement model that can implement an offensive operation of blue force. The purpose of this model is to analyze the effectiveness of command and control for the infantry company. Thus, this model includes commanding agents which are the company commander and platoon leaders of the blue force.


Model Status

This model is currently unpublished.

Model Version: 1
Version Notes:

ICEMC2 v1.0

Platform: Repast RepastSimphony 2.2
Programming Language: Java JDK 1.7
Operating System: Microsoft Windows
Licensed Under: Academic Free License 3.0
Instructions on Running This Model:
1. This model can be run in the repast simphony. 2. Open this model in the Repast, and run the "commandingAgents" model. 3. The repast visualization window will open. 4. You can set "run options" and "parameters" 5. Initialize run 6. run the model 7. You can see the agents' engagement in the "Space Display" panel. 8. You can also see number of soldiers remained by graph in the "Blue/Red Soldiers Loss by Time" panel. 9. Output about the number of soldiers remained by time is produced as a .txt file in the model folder.

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