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Welcome to OpenABM & CoMSES

OpenABM is a node in the CoMSES Network, providing a growing collection of tutorials and FAQs on agent-based modeling, a model library intended to provide a locus for authors and modelers to share their models, and forums for modeling-related discussions and job postings.

The Network for Computational Modeling for SocioEcological Science (CoMSES Net) is a scientific research coordination network to support and expand the development and use of computational modeling in the social and life sciences.

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Featured Model

This is a replication of the Pumpa model that simulates the Pumpa Irrigation System in Nepal (Cifdaloz et al., 2010).

more → Pumpa irrigation model

ABM News

Oct 15: There will be a special issue of Scientometrics on "Simulating the Social Processes of Science" Basically asking for agent-based simulations of science. Deadline 30th April 2015 Full details at:

Oct 03: The CoMSES By-Laws were approved by the membership.

Jul 27: New article describing CoMSES and its goals published in Environmental Modeling & Software.

Jul 27: If I had to pick just one application to be the “killer app” for the digital computer I would probably choose Agent Based Modeling (ABM).