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Welcome to OpenABM & CoMSES

OpenABM is a node in the CoMSES Network, providing a growing collection of tutorials and FAQs on agent-based modeling, a model library intended to provide a locus for authors and modelers to share their models, and forums for modeling-related discussions and job postings.

The Network for Computational Modeling for SocioEcological Science (CoMSES Net) is a scientific research coordination network to support and expand the development and use of computational modeling in the social and life sciences.

Featured Model

This model investigates the link between prescribed growth in body size, population dynamics and density dependence through population feedback on available resources.

more → Horse population dynamics

ABM News

Jul 27: New article describing CoMSES and its goals published in Environmental Modeling & Software.

Jul 27: If I had to pick just one application to be the “killer app” for the digital computer I would probably choose Agent Based Modeling (ABM).