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C. Michael Barton

Michael Barton Dr. Barton’s interests center around long-term human ecology and landscape dynamics with ongoing projects in the Mediterranean (late Pleistocene through mid-Holocene) and recent work in the American Southwest (Holocene-Archaic). He has done fieldwork in Spain, Bosnia, and various locales in North America and have expertise in hunter/gatherer and early farming societies, geoarchaeology, lithic technology, and evolutionary theory, with an emphasis on human/environmental interaction, landscape dynamics, and techno-economic change.

Quantitative methods are critical to archaeological research, and socioecological sciences in general. They are an important focus of his research, especially emphasizing dynamic modeling, spatial technologies (including GIS and remote sensing), statistical analysis, and visualization. He is also a member of the open source GRASS GIS international development team that is making cutting edge spatial technologies available to researchers and students around the world.

Marco A. Janssen

Marco Janssen Dr. Marco Janssen is a Professor in the School of Sustainability, and Director of the Center for Behavior, Institutions and the Environment, both at Arizona State University. He teaches applied mathematics for the life and social sciences and environmental social science, and his research focuses on the interactions of cognitive processes, institutional rules and ecological dynamics. His research focuses on problems related to sustainability of the environment.

His questions pertain to: What makes groups cooperate? What is the role of information? How does the ecological context affect the social fabric? How do people deal with a changing environment? How can we use these insights to address global challenges? To address these questions he combines behavioral experiments, agent-based modeling, and case study analyses.

Lilian Na’ia Alessa

Lilian Na’ia Alessa Dr. Alessa is a Full Professor at the University of Idaho and the Director of the Center for Resilient Rural Communities. A Native of Canada, she received her Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia Centre for Biodiversity in 1998 in cell biology. Her work now focuses on articulating and characterizing the dynamics between sociocultural and biophysical phenomena related to changes in freshwater resources in cold deserts.

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