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CoMSES Computational Model Library

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Landscape connectivity and predator–prey population dynamics
A simple model to assess the effect of connectivity on interacting species (i.e. predator-prey type)
JA Baggio
Nov 10, 2011
Comparing agent-based models on experimental data of irrigation games
Comparing 7 alternative models of human behavior and assess their performance on a high resolution dataset based on individual behavior performance in laboratory experiments.
JA Baggio
Jul 02, 2013
Managing Connectivity: insights from modelling species interactions accross multiple scales in an idealized landscape
The model objective’s is to explore the management choice set to uncover which subsets of strategies are most effective at maximizing species coexistence on a fragmented landscape.
JA Baggio
Oct 01, 2012
Modeling information Asymmetries in Tourism
A very simple model elaborated to explore what may happens when buyers (travelers) have more information than sellers (tourist destinations)
JA Baggio
Feb 15, 2013
Nepali Village Model
The model implements a model that reflects features of a rural hill village in Nepal. Key features of the model include water storage, social capital and migration of household members who then send remittances back to the village.
JA Janmaat
Apr 17, 2014
Extra Innovation Adder
One of four extensions to the standard Adder model that replicates a common type of transition experiment.
J Kasmire
Dec 02, 2014
Peak-seeking Adder
Continuing on from the Adder model, this adaptation explores how rationality, learning and uncertainty influence the exploration of complex landscapes representing technological evolution.
J Kasmire
Dec 02, 2014
Universal Darwinism in Dutch Greenhouses
An ABM, derived from a case study and a series of surveys with greenhouse growers in the Westland, Netherlands. Experiments using this model showshow that the greenhouse horticulture industry displays diversity, adaptive complexity and an uneven...
J Kasmire
May 09, 2012
All Together Adder
The fourth and final extension to the standard Adder model to replicate the various interventions typically associated with Transition Experiments.
J Kasmire
Dec 02, 2014
The Adder Model
A simplified Arthur & Polak logic circuit model of combinatory technology build-out via incremental development. Only some inventions trigger radical effects, suggesting they depend on whole interdependent systems rather than specific ...
J Kasmire
Dec 02, 2014
Optimising Emergence
The various technologies used inside a Dutch greenhouse interact in combination with an external climate, resulting in an emergent internal climate, which contributes to the final productivity of the greenhouse. This model examines how differing...
J Kasmire
Jun 07, 2013
Niche Protect Adder
One of four extensions to the standard Adder model that replicates the various interventions typically associated with transition experiments.
J Kasmire
Dec 02, 2014
Extra Radical Adder
This is one of four extensions to the standard Adder model that replicate the various interventions typical of transition experiments.
J Kasmire
Dec 02, 2014
Lithic Raw Material Procurement and Provisioning
This model simulates the lithic raw material use and provisioning behavior of a group that inhabits a permanent base camp, and uses stone tools.
J Paige
Mar 05, 2015
Hohokam Water Management Simulation (HWM)
Simulation of irrigation system management using archaeological data from southern Arizona
JT Murphy
Aug 31, 2011