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An agent-based model generating social practices
This model expands approaches from social practice theories and is used to investigate the ability of the underlying conceptual model to explain the emergence of social practices, defined as routine behaviour that is similar amoung peers.
G Holtz
Jun 04, 2013
A model of environmental awareness spread and its effect in resource consumption reduction
The model reproduces the spread of environmental awareness among agents and the impact of awareness level of the agents on the consumption of a resource, like energy. An agent is a household with a set of available advanced smart metering ...
G Sissa
Jun 16, 2015
The Effectiveness of Image-Scoring Under Different Ecological Conditions
The set of models test how receivers ability to accurately rank signalers under various ecological and behavioral contexts.
GM Leighton
Jan 06, 2014
An agent-based model to study the effects of trust in coalition formation
This model is an agent-based simulation that consists of agents who play the spatial prisioner’s dilemma game with coalition formation. The coalition dynamics are mainly influenced by how much the agents trust their leaders. The main objective...
LG Nardin
Aug 30, 2011
Homophily-driven Network Evolution and Diffusion
The model is an experimental ground to study the impact of network structure on diffusion. It allows to construct a social network that already has some measurable level of homophily, and simulate a diffusion process over this social network.
G Yücel
Jan 08, 2015
Model to assess factors that influence local communities compliance with protected areas policies
We built a model using R,polr package, to assess 55 published case studies from developing countries to determine what factors influence the level of compliance of local communities with protected area regulations.
GS Andrade
Nov 20, 2011
Model of Charcoal Dispersion and Deposition in Eastern Spain
This model creates simulated charcoal records, based on differing patterns of ignitions, during the transition to agriculture in Eastern Spain.
G Snitker
Nov 16, 2015
The Garbage Can Model of Organizational Choice
We reconstruct Cohen, March and Olsen’s Garbage Can model of organizational choice as an agent-based model. We add another means for avoiding making decisions: buck-passing difficult problems to colleagues.
Jun 22, 2013
Simulating the Transmission of Foot-And-Mouth Disease Among Mobile Herds in the Far North Region, Cameroon
This model simulates movements of mobile pastoralists and their impacts on the transmission of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in the Far North Region of Cameroon.
H Kim
Apr 12, 2016
A Simulation of Food Supply Chain
This is an agent-based model that simulates the structural evolution in food supply chain.
H Xiong
Mar 25, 2016
An Agent-based Model of Collective Self-organisation in Irrigation Management
This model simulates how collective self-organisation among individuals that manage irrigation resource collectively.
H Xiong
Apr 06, 2016
Agent-based Simulation of Time Management
This model simulates how the strategy one manages time affect the well-being that he/she can obtain.
H Xiong
Mar 23, 2016
Diffusion of Innovations on Social Networks
This is model that simulates how multiple kinds of peer effects shape the diffusion of innovations through different types of social relationships.
H Xiong
Apr 16, 2016
Simulation of Self-enforcing Agreement in Cooperative Teams
This is an agent-based model of the implementation of the self-enforcing agreement in cooperative teams.
H Xiong
Apr 01, 2016
Value Chain Marketing (VCM)
Inspired by the SKIN model, the basic concept here is to model the acceptance and implementation of supplier innovations. This model includes three types of agents comprising suppliers, manufacturers and applicators.
S Toth
Apr 14, 2014