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An Agent-based Model of Collective Self-organisation in Irrigation Management
This model simulates how collective self-organisation among individuals that manage irrigation resource collectively.
H Xiong
Apr 06, 2016
An Agent-Based Model of Corruption: Micro Approach
Endogenous social transition from a high-corruption state to a low-corruption state, replication of Hammond 2009
V Dzutsati
Jan 30, 2015
An Agent-Based Model of Flood Risk and Insurance
A model to show the effects of flood risk on a housing market; the role of flood protection for risk reduction; the working of the existing public-private flood insurance partnership in the UK, and the proposed scheme ‘Flood Re’.
JJ Dubbelboer
Jun 29, 2015
An Agent-Based Model of Internet Diffusion Under General and Specific Network Externalities
Using nodes from the 2002 General Social Survey sample, the code establishes a network of ties with a given homophily bias, and simulates Internet adoption rates in that network under three conditions: (i) no network externalities, (ii) general...
F Garip
Apr 27, 2012
An Agent-Based Model of Status Construction in Task Focused Groups
The model simulates interactions in small, task focused groups that might lead to the emergence of status beliefs among group members.
A Grow
May 18, 2014
An agent-based model to identify management practices, integrity and performance in Kenya’s and Ghana’s Water Service Delivery
The ABM looks at how the performance of Water Service Delivery is affected by the relation between management practices and integrity in terms of transparency, accountability and participation
F Bellaubi
Mar 08, 2014
An agent-based model to study the effects of trust in coalition formation
This model is an agent-based simulation that consists of agents who play the spatial prisioner’s dilemma game with coalition formation. The coalition dynamics are mainly influenced by how much the agents trust their leaders. The main objective...
LG Nardin
Aug 30, 2011
An agent-based model to study the effects of urban sprawl on bird distribution
This model was programmed for a class project, which studied the effects of urban sprawl on bird distribution. For the urban sprawl part of the model, we started from the model in (udhira, H. S., 200
Y Ouyang
Dec 15, 2008
An empirical ABM for regional land use/cover change: a Dutch case study
This is an empirical model described in The objective of the model is to simulate how the decision-making of farmers/agents with different strategies can affect the landscape structure in a region...
D Valbuena
Mar 25, 2011
Artificial Anasazi
Replication of the well known Artificial Anasazi model that simulates the population dynamics between 800 and 1350 in the Long House Valley in Arizona.
MA Janssen
Jun 18, 2008
Aspiration, Attainment and Success: An agent-based model of distance-based school allocation
The purpose of this model is to investigate mechanisms driving the geography of educational inequality and the consequences of these mechanisms for individuals with varying attributes and mobility.
JD Millington
Nov 02, 2012
Asymmetric two-sided matching
This model is an extended version of the matching problem including the mate search problem, which is the generalization of a traditional optimization problem. The matching problem is extended to a form of asymmetric two-sided matching problem.
N Shiba
Jan 09, 2013
Atomic Radius
Due to teacher requests to represent changes in atomic radius, we developed a visualization of the first 36 elements in Netlogo
KC Martin
Jan 16, 2015
Auroa Shooting Model
On July 20th, James Holmes committed a mass shooting in a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. The Aurora Colorado shooting was used as a test case to validate this framework for modeling mass shootings.
RL Hayes
Oct 24, 2013
The Axelrod’s model of cultural dissemination is an agent-model designed to investigate the dissemination of culture among interacting agents on a society.
AH Rodríguez
Mar 26, 2013