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Adoption of conservation practices
This model is designed to investigate the impact of alternative policy approaches and changing land tenure dynamics on farmer adoption of conservation practices intended to increase the water quality.
I Daloglu
Oct 21, 2013
Affinity/Hostility in Divided Communities
Agent-based model of intergroup conflict in divided communities.
C Thron
Nov 06, 2015
Ageing and Spending
How natural population ageing affects UK household spending patterns.
T Lawson
Oct 06, 2015
Agent based simulation of social dynamics
Sociodynamica simulates human societies as viewed by Adam Smith in “The Wealth of Nations”
K Jaffe
Sep 14, 2009
Agent Based Simulation of Technology Adoption
The purpose of this model is to study effect of a particular kind of spatial externality, “fashion effect”, on the dynamics of technology diffusion among rational adopters with uncertainty about the p
M Haghnevis
Dec 06, 2010
Agent-Based Model for the Evolution of Ethnocentrism
This is an implementation of an agent based model for the evolution of ethnocentrism. While based off a model published by Hammond and Axelrod (2006), the code has been modified to allow for a more fine-grained analysis of evolutionary dynamics...
M Hartshorn
Mar 29, 2012
Agent-based model of sexual partnership
In this model agents meet, evaluate one another, decide whether or not to date, if and when to become sexual partners, and when to break up.
AK Knittel
Dec 04, 2011
Agent-based model of WiFi tracking system in urban environment
This code simulates the WiFi user tracking system described in: Thron et al., “Design and Simulation of Sensor Networks for Tracking Wifi Users in Outdoor Urban Environments”. Testbenches used to create the figures in the paper are included.
C Thron
Apr 20, 2017
Agent-based Modeling of Evolving Intergovernmental Networks
This agent-based model using ‘Blanche’ software provides policy-makers with a simulation-based demonstration illustrating how autonomous agents network and operate complementary systems in a decentral
S Lee
Jan 29, 2009
Agent-based Simulation Models of the College Sorting Process
We explore how dynamic processes related to socioeconomic inequality operate to sort students into, and create stratification among, colleges.
R Baker
May 23, 2014
Agent-based simulation of small group decision-making under no communication
A computational model of a classic small group study by Alex Bavelas. This computational model was designed to explore the difficulty in translating a seemingly simple real-world experiment into a computational model.
CR Poile
May 26, 2016
Agent-based Simulation of Time Management
This model simulates how the strategy one manages time affect the well-being that he/she can obtain.
H Xiong
Mar 23, 2016
AgentEx aims to advance understanding of group processes for sustainable management of a common pool resource (CPR). By supporting the development and test explanations of cooperation and sustainable exploitation.
N Wijermans
Aug 30, 2016
Agents’ beliefs and the evolution of institutions for common-pool resource management
C++ and Netlogo models presented in G. Bravo (2011), “Agents’ beliefs and the evolution of institutions for common-pool resource management”. Rationality and Society 23(1).
G Bravo
Dec 16, 2010
All Together Adder
The fourth and final extension to the standard Adder model to replicate the various interventions typically associated with Transition Experiments.
J Kasmire
Dec 02, 2014