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The dynamic agent-based model of market of single commodity and process of setting of prices
The dynamic agent based model of system which turn out the self-adjusting system, are considered in this text.
MM Voronovitsky
Jan 24, 2009
The Cardial Spread Model
The purpose of this model is to provide a platform to test and compare four conceptual models have been proposed to explain the spread of the Impresso-Cardial Neolithic in the west Mediterranean.
SM Bergin
Nov 08, 2016
The AgriculTural LandscApe Simulator (ATLAS)
The spatially-explicit AgriculTuralLandscApe Simulator (ATLAS) simulates realistic spatial-temporal crop availability at the landscape scale through crop rotations and crop phenology.
H Thierry
Jan 30, 2017
The Agent-Based Model of the Closed Market( similar to Stock Market) with One Commodity and with careful and risky mechanisms
The model of market of one commodity , in which there are in each moment of time the same quantity and the same quantity of money was formulated and researched in this text. We also study this system as a game of automata.
MM Voronovitsky
Mar 11, 2015
The Adder Model
A simplified Arthur & Polak logic circuit model of combinatory technology build-out via incremental development. Only some inventions trigger radical effects, suggesting they depend on whole interdependent systems rather than specific ...
J Kasmire
Dec 02, 2014
TELL ME: protective behaviour in an epidemic
Models the connection between health agency communication, personal protective behaviour (eg vaccination, hand hygiene) and influenza transmission.
JM Badham
Feb 10, 2015
TechNet_04: Cultural Transmission in a Spatially-Situated Network
The TechNet_04 is an abstract model that embeds a simple cultural tranmission process in an environment where interaction is structured by spatially-situated networks.
AA White
Oct 09, 2012
Tail biting behaviour in pigs
The model simulates tail biting behaviour in pigs and how they can turn into a biter and/or victim. The effect of a redirected motivation, behavioural changes in victims and preference to bite a lying pig on tail biting can be tested in the ...
I Boumans
Apr 22, 2016
Symmetric two-sided matching
This is a replication model of the matching problem including the mate search problem, which is the generalization of a traditional optimization problem.
N Shiba
Jan 09, 2013
Swidden Farming Version 2.0
Model of shifting cultivation. All parameters can be controlled by the user or the model can be run in adaptive mode, in which agents innovate and select parameters.
C Barton
Jun 12, 2013
Swidden farming by individual households
Swidden Farming is designed to explore the dynamics of agricultural land management strategies.
C Barton
Apr 27, 2008
A replication in Netlogo 5.2 of the classic model, Sugarscape (Epstein & Axtell, 1996).
CJ Watts
Aug 01, 2015
Strategy with Externalities
The SWE models firms search behaviour as the performance landscape shifts. The shift represents society's pricing of negative externalities, and the performance landscape is an NK structure. The model is written in NetLogo.
J Applegate
Sep 07, 2016
STECCAR: a simulation of the diffusion of electric cars
In this Repast model the ‘Consumat’ cognitive framework is applied to an ABM of the Dutch car market. Different policy scenarios can be selected or created to examine their effect on the diffusion of EVs.
A Kangur
Nov 29, 2015
Stationarity Test
This is a stationarity test, it tests whether a given moment is constant during the time series (null hypothesis). The Wald Wolfowitz nonparametric fitness test is applied to time series.
J Grazzini
Nov 29, 2010