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Tuberculosis and helminthes
The purpose of this model is to investigate the consequences of helminthes in public health policy to eradicate tuberculosis. Helminthes surprise immune system responses and without changes in hygiene
MA Janssen
Jun 04, 2010
Tutorial Models for ABM in Repast
First Version
D Murray-Rust
Jul 20, 2009
Demographic microsimulation model used in speed tests against LIAM 2.
T Lawson
Feb 28, 2012
UK Demographic Simulator
A dynmaic microsimulation model to project the UK population over time
T Lawson
Feb 27, 2012
Umwelten Ants
Simulates impacts of ants killing colony mates when in conflict with another nest. The murder rate is adjustable, and the environmental change is variable. The colonies employ social learning so knowledge diffusion proceeds if interactions ...
KC Martin
Jan 15, 2015
Universal Darwinism in Dutch Greenhouses
An ABM, derived from a case study and a series of surveys with greenhouse growers in the Westland, Netherlands. Experiments using this model showshow that the greenhouse horticulture industry displays diversity, adaptive complexity and an uneven...
J Kasmire
May 09, 2012
Urban Sprawl and Income segregation with effect from income level and inequality
This is a stylized model based on Alonso’s model investigating the relationship between urban sprawl and income segregation.
C Guo
Nov 01, 2016
This model is designed for the paper of “Bustle Changes the City - Facility for Stopping off and Modeling Urban Dynamics -“. And all experimental results in the paper were implemented in this model.
H Nagai
Oct 05, 2016
Value Chain Marketing (VCM)
Inspired by the SKIN model, the basic concept here is to model the acceptance and implementation of supplier innovations. This model includes three types of agents comprising suppliers, manufacturers and applicators.
S Toth
Apr 14, 2014
Variations on the Ethnocentrism Model of Hammond and Axelrod
Agents co-operate or defect towards other agents in a prisoner’s dilemma, with strategy choice depending on whether agents share tags or are kin in different social structures.
F Jansson
Nov 10, 2012
Varying effects of connectivity and dispersal on interacting species dynamics
An agent-based model of species interaction on fragmented landscape is developed to address the question, how do population levels of predators and prey react with respect to changes in the patch connectivity as well as changes in the sharpness of...
KR Salau
Aug 29, 2011
Village Ecodynamics Project
The Village Project is designed to help archaeologists understand the factors influencing settlement patterns of small-scale agrarian peoples. Although such societies are becoming increasingly rare, they represent the norm throughout most of the...
Sep 21, 2011
Village level varietal dynamics of Sorghum in Mali
Final project version - still needs a bit of work for being completly operational
G Abrami
Dec 03, 2009
Vulnerability of Cooperation Due to Limited Vision
This model describes the consequences of limited vision of agents in harvesting a common resource. We show the vulnerability of cooperation due to reduced visibility of the resource and other agents.
MA Janssen
Dec 02, 2010
Walk Away in groups
This NetLogo model implements the Walk Away strategy in a spatial public goods game, where individuals have the ability to leave groups with insufficient levels of cooperation.
A Aktipis
Mar 17, 2016