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Village level varietal dynamics of Sorghum in Mali
Final project version - still needs a bit of work for being completly operational
G Abrami
Dec 03, 2009
Vulnerability of Cooperation Due to Limited Vision
This model describes the consequences of limited vision of agents in harvesting a common resource. We show the vulnerability of cooperation due to reduced visibility of the resource and other agents.
MA Janssen
Dec 02, 2010
Walk Away in groups
This NetLogo model implements the Walk Away strategy in a spatial public goods game, where individuals have the ability to leave groups with insufficient levels of cooperation.
A Aktipis
Mar 17, 2016
Walk This Way
The purpose of this model is to enhance a basic ABM through a simple set of rules identified using the activity-driven models in order to produce more realistic patterns of pedestrian movement.
Aug 27, 2015
The WaterScape is an agent-based model of the South African water sector. This version of the model focuses on potential barriers to learning in water management that arise from interactions between human perceptions and social-ecological system...
E Bohensky
Feb 06, 2012
This model WealthDistribRes can be used to study the distribution of wealth in function of using a combination of resources classified in two renewable and nonrenewable.
R Damaceanu
May 03, 2012
Wedding Doughnut
A reimplementation of the Wedding Ring model by Francesco Billari. We investigate partnership formation in an agent-based framework, and combine this with statistical demographic projections using real empirical data.
E Silverman
Dec 20, 2012
WeDiG Sim
WeDiG Sim- Weighted Directed Graph Simulator - is an open source application that serves to simulate complex systems. WeDiG Sim reflects the behaviors of those complex systems that put stress on scale-free, weightedness, and directedness. It has...
R Shamsaee
May 14, 2012
Will it spread or not? The effects of social influences and network topology on innovation diffusion
This models simulates innovation diffusion curves and it tests the effects of the degree and the direction of social influences. This model replicates, extends and departs from classical percolation models.
S Delre
Oct 24, 2011