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Social and Task Interdependencies in Innovation Implementation
This is a model of innovation implementation inside an organization. It characterizes an innovation as a set of distributed and technically interdependent tasks performed by a number of different and socially interconnected frontline workers.
S Maroulis
Jun 04, 2013
Social model of a Team Developing a Planning-Methodology
The model represents a team intended at designing a methodology for Institutional Planning. Included in ICAART’14 to exemplify how emotions can be identified in SocLab; and in ESSA’14 to show the Efficiency of Organizational Withdrawal vs ...
OR Terán
Oct 20, 2013
Social Nets Emergence Model
This model simulates the interactions and dynamic trust changes between people which results in social group emergence and evolution.
D Wang
Mar 20, 2012
Social trust model
This is a social trust model for investigating the social relationships and social networks in the real world and in social media.
D Wang
Dec 17, 2014
Societal Simulator v203
Designed to capture the evolutionary forces of global society.
T Gooding
Oct 01, 2013
Societal Simulator v203 fertility graph fix
This is the same model as used in the article ‘Modelling Society’s Evolutionary Forces’ except the Fertility graph has been corrected. The Fertility graph was not used in the published article.
T Gooding
Nov 26, 2014
Socio-spatial segregation in Salzburg, Austria
This is a first preliminary simulation model to model segregation in the city of Salzburg, Austria.
A Koch
Sep 24, 2009
Sociodynamica in a Browser
Sociodynamica simulates the emergence of cooperation and of economic interactions, showing the synergy achieved by division of labor, the working of shame, and a number of other features that mold the evolution of social cooperation.
K Jaffe
Dec 24, 2016
Soil microbe-predator model with enzymes
We seek to improve understanding of roles enzyme play in soil food webs. We created an agent-based simulation of a simple food web that includes enzymatic activity. The model was used in a publication, Moore et al. (in press; Biochemistry).
RB Boone
Nov 21, 2013
SONG - Simulation of Network Growth
SONG is a simulator designed for simulating the process of transportation network growth.
D Levinson
Aug 29, 2011
Spatiotemporal Visualization of Emotional and Emotional-related Mental States
A system that receives from an agent-based social simulation the agent’s emotional data, their emotional-related data such as motivations and beliefs, as well as their location, and visualizes of all this information in a two dimensional map of the...
LM Macedo
Nov 07, 2011
How can species evolve a cooperative network to keep the environment suitable for life?
T Lawson
Mar 16, 2012
Stationarity Test
This is a stationarity test, it tests whether a given moment is constant during the time series (null hypothesis). The Wald Wolfowitz nonparametric fitness test is applied to time series.
J Grazzini
Nov 29, 2010
STECCAR: a simulation of the diffusion of electric cars
In this Repast model the ‘Consumat’ cognitive framework is applied to an ABM of the Dutch car market. Different policy scenarios can be selected or created to examine their effect on the diffusion of EVs.
A Kangur
Nov 29, 2015
Strategy with Externalities
The SWE models firms search behaviour as the performance landscape shifts. The shift represents society's pricing of negative externalities, and the performance landscape is an NK structure. The model is written in NetLogo.
J Applegate
Sep 07, 2016