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A simple Multi-Agent System of the Tragedy Of the Commons (MASTOC-s)
This is a simple model replicating Hardin’s Tragedy of the Commons using reactive agents that have psychological behavioral and social preferences.
J Schindler
Jun 29, 2012
A Simplified Model of Voter Turnout
This is a simplified version of a Complex Model of Voter Turnout by Edmonds et al.(2014). It was developed to better understand the mechanisms at play on that complex model.
LF Lafuerza
Jul 30, 2015
A Simulation of Food Supply Chain
This is an agent-based model that simulates the structural evolution in food supply chain.
H Xiong
Mar 25, 2016
A simulation of the structure of academic science
This is a re-implementation of the model described in Gilbert, Nigel. (1997). A simulation of the structure of academic science. Sociological Research Online, 2(2)3,
N Gilbert
Dec 31, 2010
A simulation tool for capability-based team task allocation in emergency-responce environments
Its a multi agent simulation environment, provided using JADE/Java. It gets the number of agents and tasks, then divides the physical environment to some segments, and then runs a greedy capability-based coalition formation and task allocation...
A Fatemi
Mar 15, 2011
A spatial model of resource-consumer dynamics
The model simulates agents in a spatial environment competing for a common resource that grows on patches. The resource is converted to energy, which is needed for performing actions and for surviving.
GA ten Broeke
Jan 11, 2017
A test-bed ecological model
This is a multi-patch meta-population ecological model. It intended as a test-bed in which to test the impact of humans with different kinds of social structure.
B Edmonds
May 04, 2014
A-KinGDom: A Kinship, Grooming and Dominance Model for Primate Societies
A-KinGDom simulates the emergence of the social structure in a group of non-human primates. The model includes dominance and affiliative interactions which allow us to define four different attack and affiliative strategies.
R Dolado
Jul 11, 2013
ABM mobility
The MOBILITY model analyzes how agents’ mobility affects the performance of social-ecological systems in different landscape configurations.
I Perez Ibarra
Oct 17, 2013
ABODE - Agent Based Model of Origin Destination Estimation
The agent based model matches origins and destinations using employment search methods at the individual level.
D Levinson
Aug 29, 2011
ABSAM model
ABSAM model is an agent-based search and matching model of the local labor market. There are four types of agents in the economy, which cooperate in the artificial world, where behavioral rules were extracted from the labor market search theory...
M Wozniak
Aug 29, 2016
Ache hunting
Agent-based model of hunting behavior of Ache hunter-gatherers from Paraguay. We evaluate the effect of group size and cooperative hunting
MA Janssen
Aug 13, 2013
Activation Regimes in Opinion Dynamics
We compare the effect of four activation regimes by measuring the appropriate opinion clustering statistics and also the number of emergent extremists.
M Alizadeh
Sep 09, 2014
Active Shooter: An Agent-Based Model of Unarmed Resistance
A NetLogo ABM developed to explore unarmed resistance to an active shooter. The landscape is a generalized open outdoor area. Parameters enable the user to set shooter armament and control for assumptions with regard to shooter accuracy.
TW Briggs
Dec 17, 2016
ADAM: Agent-based Demand and Assignment Model
The core algorithm is an agent-based model, which simulates travel patterns on a network based on microscopic decision-making by each traveler.
D Levinson
Aug 29, 2011