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An empirical ABM for regional land use/cover change: a Dutch case study
This is an empirical model described in The objective of the model is to simulate how the decision-making of farmers/agents with different strategies can affect the landscape structure in a region...
D Valbuena
Mar 25, 2011
Social Nets Emergence Model
This model simulates the interactions and dynamic trust changes between people which results in social group emergence and evolution.
D Wang
Mar 20, 2012
SBH trust model
This is a computational model to articulate the theory and test some assumption and axioms for the trust model and its relationship to SBH.
D Wang
Dec 14, 2010
BN intervention model
Bayesian network is used to modelling the behavior of an individual level and multi-agent system is used to simulate the meme diffusion through the whole network.
D Wang
Nov 17, 2011
Replication and extensions of the Classes Model
The Classes Model with one agent type
DJ Poza
Sep 24, 2009
SONG - Simulation of Network Growth
SONG is a simulator designed for simulating the process of transportation network growth.
D Levinson
Aug 29, 2011
ABODE - Agent Based Model of Origin Destination Estimation
The agent based model matches origins and destinations using employment search methods at the individual level.
D Levinson
Aug 29, 2011
ADAM: Agent-based Demand and Assignment Model
The core algorithm is an agent-based model, which simulates travel patterns on a network based on microscopic decision-making by each traveler.
D Levinson
Aug 29, 2011
Collective Decision Making for Ecological Restoration
We present an agent-based model that maps out and simulates the processes by which individuals within ecological restoration organizations communicate and collectively make restoration decisions.
D Massey
Dec 12, 2012
Digital divide and opinion formation
This model extends the bounded confidence model of Deffuant and Weisbuch. It introduces online contexts in which a person can deliver his or her opinion to several other persons. There are 2 additional parameters accessibility and connectivity.
L Dongwon
Nov 10, 2012
Political Participation
Implementation of Milbrath’s (1965) model of political participation. Individual participation is determined by stimuli from the political environment, interpersonal interaction, as well as individual characteristics.
D Ruedin
Apr 12, 2014
Intra-Organizational Bandwagon
The model simulates the process of widespread diffusion of something due to popularity (i.e., bandwagon) within an organization.
D Secchi
Sep 09, 2015
Population Control
This model looks at the effects of a “control” on agent populations. Much like farmers spraying pesticides/herbicides to manage pest populations, the user sets a control management regiment to be use
D Shanafelt
Dec 13, 2010
An Agent-Based Model of Corruption: Micro Approach
Endogenous social transition from a high-corruption state to a low-corruption state, replication of Hammond 2009
V Dzutsati
Jan 30, 2015
Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Jan 26, 2010