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The Evolution of Multiple Resistant Strains: An Abstract Model of Systemic Treatment and Accumulated Resistance
This model is intended to explore the effectiveness of different courses of interventions on an abstract population of infections. Illustrative findings highlight the importance of the mechanisms for variability and mutation on the effectiveness of...
BD Nye
Aug 30, 2011
Hohokam Water Management Simulation (HWM)
Simulation of irrigation system management using archaeological data from southern Arizona
JT Murphy
Aug 31, 2011
Village Ecodynamics Project
The Village Project is designed to help archaeologists understand the factors influencing settlement patterns of small-scale agrarian peoples. Although such societies are becoming increasingly rare, they represent the norm throughout most of the...
Sep 21, 2011
Modeling Arabian Upraise, a System Dynamics Approach: Egypt case study
A System Dynamics Model to anticipate insurgent movements and policy design to handle them .
M Nazari
Oct 05, 2011
Income and Expenditure
How do households alter their spending patterns when they experience changes in income? This model answers this question using a random assignment scheme where spending patterns are copied from a household in the new income bracket.
T Lawson
Oct 06, 2011
Friendship Games Rev 1.0
A friendship game is a kind of network game: a game theory model on a network. This is a NetLogo model of an agent-based adaptation of “ ‘Friendship-based’ Games” by PJ Lamberson. The agents reach an equilibrium that depends on the strategy...
DS Dixon
Oct 07, 2011
Diffusion dynamics in small-world networks with heterogeneous consumers
This model simulates diffusion curves and it allows to test how social influence, network structure and consumer heterogeneity affect their spreads and their speeds.
S Delre
Oct 09, 2011
9 Maturity levels in Empirical Validation - An innovation diffusion example
Several taxonomies for empirical validation have been published. Our model integrates different methods to calibrate an innovation diffusion model, ranging from simple randomized input validation to complex calibration with the use of microdata...
M Rixin
Oct 19, 2011
Will it spread or not? The effects of social influences and network topology on innovation diffusion
This models simulates innovation diffusion curves and it tests the effects of the degree and the direction of social influences. This model replicates, extends and departs from classical percolation models.
S Delre
Oct 24, 2011
Evolution of Cooperation in Asymmetric Commons Dilemmas
This model can be used to explore under which conditions agents behave as observed in field experiments on irrigation games.
MA Janssen
Oct 25, 2011
Spatiotemporal Visualization of Emotional and Emotional-related Mental States
A system that receives from an agent-based social simulation the agent’s emotional data, their emotional-related data such as motivations and beliefs, as well as their location, and visualizes of all this information in a two dimensional map of the...
LM Macedo
Nov 07, 2011
Landscape connectivity and predator–prey population dynamics
A simple model to assess the effect of connectivity on interacting species (i.e. predator-prey type)
JA Baggio
Nov 10, 2011
Hominin ecodynamics v.1
Biobehavioral interactions between two populations under different movement strategies.
C Barton
Nov 14, 2011
Prisoner's Dilemma Game on Complex Networks with Agents' Adaptive Expectations
This model studies the effect of the agents’ adaptive expectation on cooperation frequency in the prisoner’s dilemma game in complex networks from an agent based approach. The model is implemented in Repast simphony 1.2.
B Xianyu
Nov 16, 2011
BN intervention model
Bayesian network is used to modelling the behavior of an individual level and multi-agent system is used to simulate the meme diffusion through the whole network.
D Wang
Nov 17, 2011