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Submitted: Dec 6, 2017
Last Updated: Dec 6, 2017
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This is a model of paper publication and consumption that allows to study the effect of two different evaluation mechanisms, peer review and reputation, on the quality of the manuscripts accessed by a scientific community.


In order to compare the two filters - reputation and peer review - the model includes a common paper production mechanism and then runs two distinct sub-models for accessing papers: one driven by reputation and the other by peer review.

The simulation cycle of the model begins with paper production, generating the papers for the current time step and adding them to the papers pool. Afterwards, it applies either a simulated peer review process or a simulated reputation mechanism, both driving parallel reading processes. In the former case, scientists read papers as prioritized by journal’s quality whereas, in the latter case, they read papers as prioritized by their reputation.

The two sub-models share the same ground truth for what regards paper and scientist quality. This guarantees a clean comparison, made with exactly the same papers in the system, at the cost of ignoring the feedback from reading towards paper production.


  • pr-utils is a custom extension that must be present in the Netlogo extensions folder in a directory of the same name.
  • A folder called results has to be present in the same location of the main netlogo file. This directory is used to store detailed results of each simulation.


SETUP button — sets up the model by creating the agents.

GO button — runs the model

GO-ONCE - runs one step of the simulation


You will find defined a set of experiments in the BehaviorSpace. Detailed results are stored in the folder “results” that previously must be created in the directory where the application is installed (see installation notes)


Model Status

This model is currently unpublished.

Model Version: 1
Version Notes:

Platform: NetLogo 5.3.1
Programming Language: Logo (variant)
Operating System: Platform Independent
Licensed Under: GNU GPL, Version 3
Instructions on Running This Model:

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