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Redistribution and Financial Stability

Submitted: Mar 14, 2016
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016
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This model is the model featured in the paper “Can Redistribution by Means of a Progressive Labor Income-Taxation Transfer System Increase Financial Stability?” allowing to simulate a macroeconomic model with inequality. In particular, inequality can be varied exogeneously or by means of variation of a redistributive tax-tranfer-system in order to check for the effect on financial (in)stability.

The code requires Matlab to run. When running the model, a simulation result for the benchmark parameters as presented in the paper is executed. Several key results are automatically plotted. In order to compute the Gini-coefficients, the function “Gini_TF.m” must be available. This file is also included.


Model Status

This model is currently unpublished.

Model Version: 1
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Platform: Matlab
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Operating System: Platform Independent
Licensed Under: Creative Commons (cc by)
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