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Multi-agent based smulation of organizational routines on complex networks

Submitted: Jan 5, 2015
Last Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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This simulation model is about organizational routines on complex networks (including the four typical but different network topologies, such as regular, random, small-world and scale-free). Two classical models from complex networks theory are involved. The first is the WS model(Watts and Stogatz, 1998), which is adopted to generate the regular lattice, random and the small-world, by seting the rewiring probability rndLink_P equals to 0, 1, and 0.01, respectively. The second is the BA model(Barabasi, et al, 1999), which is adopted to generate the scale-free network (with parameter value n0 = 3, and m0 = 3).

This model is associated with a publication:

D Gao, X Deng, Q Zhao, H Zhou, and B Bai (2015, January 6). "Multi-agent based simulation of organizational routines on complex networks" (Version 1). CoMSES Computational Model Library.


Model Status

This model is currently unpublished.

Model Version: 2
Version Notes:

Platform: Swarm Swarm2.2_Java
Programming Language: Java
Operating System: Microsoft Windows
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Available Model Versions
Version Number Submitted
1 01/5/2015
2 01/5/2015
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