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comparing various punsihment mechanisms

Submitted: Jun 28, 2013
Last Updated: Nov 21, 2013
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In social dilemmas punishment costs resources, not just from the one who is punished but often also from the punisher and society. Reciprocity on the other side is known to lead to cooperation without the costs of punishment. The question at hand is whether punishment besides its costs brings advantages and how its negative side-effects can be reduced to a minimum in an environment populated by agents adopting indirect reciprocity. Various punishment mechanisms have been studied in the economic literature such as unrestricted punishment, legitimate punishment, cooperative punishment, and the hired gun mechanism. In this simulation all these mechanisms are implemented, where agents can share resources and may decide to punish other agents when they do not share. Through evolutionary learning agents adapt their sharing/punishing policy.


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Model Version: 2
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second version

Platform: Breve
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Operating System: Platform Independent
Licensed Under: Academic Free License 3.0
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