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Pumpa irrigation model

Irene Perez Ibarra, Marco A. Janssen
Submitted By: ireperez
Submitted: Feb 18, 2013
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2014
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This is a replication of the Pumpa model that simulates the Pumpa Irrigation System in Nepal (Cifdaloz et al., 2010). The purpose of this model is to analyze the robustness of this small-scale irrigation system to two scenarios of disturbances to the natural resource (discharge reduction and time shift in water supply), and two scenarios of disturbances to the physical infrastructure (canals and gates) using five possible irrigation policies (open flow, sequential rotation, optimized sequential, 24-hour rotation, and 12-hour rotation).

This is a replication of a previously published model:

Cifdaloz O., Regmi A., Anderies J.M., Rodriguez A.A. 2010. Robustness, vulnerability, and adaptive capacity in small-scale social-ecological systems: The Pumpa Irrigation System in Nepal. Ecology and Society 15(3): 39. [online] URL:

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Download the 'pumpa_ABM_1.0.nlogo' and '' files into the same directory. Unzip the dataset files and place them in the same directory beside the pumpa_ABM_1.0.nlogo file. When the model is run, it will load the dataset input files.

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Reply: Nice addition to the paper

Thanks for your comment nathan.rollins. I am working in a new version of this model; I am introducing more uncertainty (social and resource uncertainty). I will definitely improve the colors/contrast/size of the plots in that one!
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Nice addition to the paper

Nice addition to the Cifdaloz et al. paper. It is great seeing an ABM added to the modeling picture for this study, and as an interactive tool, it complements the paper nicely, to demonstrate the patterns discussed there. I do wonder if this model is as easy to read as it could be. The color scheme of the plots may not be the most visible or have the best contrast. And would increasing their size make any difference?
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