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A consumer-demand simulation for Smart Metering tariffs (Innovation Diffusion)

Martin Rixin
Submitted By: M Rixin
Submitted: Aug 18, 2011
Last Updated: Mar 23, 2013
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An Agent-based model simulates consumer demand for Smart Metering tariffs. It utilizes the Bass Diffusion Model and RogersĀ“s adopter categories to locate demand-side barriers and drivers. Integration of empirical census microdata enables a validated socio-economic background for each consumer. The key performance indicators diffusion-speed and diffusion-level measure the effectiveness of regulatory interventions to induce diffusion. Pricing, promotion and quantity-regulation policies are tested. Scenario results emphasize the impact of both epidemic and probit effects. Speed of adoption is mainly triggered via interactions and consumer awareness. Level of diffusion primarily depends on pricing, willingness-to-pay and cost-benefit-thresholds.

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