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Replication of a Social-Links-Evolution-Model

Sascha Holzhauer
Submitted By: S Holzhauer
Submitted: Dec 1, 2010
Last Updated: Mar 23, 2013
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ReSolEvo File output version

This is a replication of a previously published model:

Pujol, Josep M., Flache, Andreas, Delgado, Jordi and Sang&uuml;esa, Ramon (2005). 'How Can Social Networks Ever Become Complex? Modelling the Emergence of Complex Networks from Local Social Exchanges'. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 8(4)12 <>.

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Holzhauer, Sascha (2010, December 1). "Replication of a Social-Links-Evolution-Model" (Version 1). CoMSES Computational Model Library. Retrieved from:
Model Version: 1 [Latest]
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Programming Language: Java 1.6
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Licensed Under: GNU GPL, Version 2
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Docs: ReadMe.txt
Sensitivity Analysis: ReSolEvo10bin.jar
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