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Introduction to Agent-Based Modelling in NetLogo - A 2-Day Course

This workshop introduced participants to the modelling of dynamic social processes, such as group membership, influence, imitation collaboration and innovation, through a series of agent-based simulations.

This was largely a hands-on course, exposing participants to a series of simulation models in the NetLogo simulation language.  It included:  brief introductions, simplified example models, guided suggestions for interacting with them and assistants to help when you get stuck.  There was also summary sessions to bring out the lessons learned and additional materials to guide participants onto the next steps of simulation for those that are interested.


The Course had 8 sessions, each of which looked at a different model programmed in NetLogo.

You can access the course materials from this workshop in two ways:

1. Via the Course Website (e.g. via the schedule or individual session pages):

2. Or via Collected Course Resources: