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Social Nets Emergence Model
This model simulates the interactions and dynamic trust changes between people which results in social group emergence and evolution.
D Wang
Mar 20, 2012
Social model of a Team Developing a Planning-Methodology
The model represents a team intended at designing a methodology for Institutional Planning. Included in ICAART’14 to exemplify how emotions can be identified in SocLab; and in ESSA’14 to show the Efficiency of Organizational Withdrawal vs ...
OR Terán
Oct 20, 2013
Social and Task Interdependencies in Innovation Implementation
This is a model of innovation implementation inside an organization. It characterizes an innovation as a set of distributed and technically interdependent tasks performed by a number of different and socially interconnected frontline workers.
S Maroulis
Jun 04, 2013
Smallholder Behavioural Decisions During Times of Drought Stress
An empirical ABM of smallholder decisions in times of drought stress.
SL Dobbie
Sep 15, 2013
SLUCEII LUXE (Land Use in an eXurban Environment) V 1.0
LUXE is a land-use change model featuring different levels of land market implementation. It integrates utility measures, budget constraints, competitive bidding, and market interactions to model land-use change in exurban environment.
S Sun
Sep 10, 2013
Simulation of the Long-term Effects of Decentralized and Adaptive Investments in Cross-agency Interoperable and Standard Systems
Agent-based model using Blanche software 4.6.5. Blanche software is included in the dataset file.
S Lee
May 09, 2009
Simulation of ethnic conflicts
This is the final version of the model. To simulate the normative dynamics we used the EmIL (EMergence In the Loop) Framework which was kindly provided by Ulf Lotzmann.
S Markisic
Dec 01, 2013
Simulating the Cinema Market: How Cross-Cultural Differences in Social Influence Explain Box Office Distributions
This model simulates the motion picture industry and tests how social influences affect market shares. It is empirically validated at the micro level by a cross-cultural survey.
S Delre
Feb 11, 2010
Simulating Knowledge Dynamics in Innovation Networks
3.8 with Unis
N Gilbert
Mar 03, 2010
Simple Coastal Exploitation in the American Samoa
This model employs optimal foraging theory principles to generate predictions of which coastal habitats are exploited in climatically stable versus variable environments, using the American Samoa as a study area.
C Atwater
Nov 04, 2014
SimAdapt: An individual-based genetic model for simulating landscape management impacts on populations
F Rebaudo
Sep 20, 2012
Shared Norms and the Evolution of Ethnic Markers
The publication and mathematical model upon which this ABM is based shows one mechanism that can lead to stable behavioral and cultural traits between groups.
ND Rollins
Jan 22, 2010
Setting the Stage for Inequality
How can a strictly egalitarian social system give way to a stratified society if all of its members punish each other for any type of selfish behavior? This model examines the role of prestige bias in constant and variable environments on the...
TJ Dennehy
Mar 11, 2013
segregation model with multiple variables and explit spatiality
This model is a more comprehensive version of the original model; descriptions and expanations are added
A Koch
Oct 28, 2009
The Sediba socio-ecolgoical rangeland model is an biomass growth model coupled with a social model of pastoralist behaviour in a commmon pool resource setting. The social subsystem is an empircal ABM.
S Rasch
Aug 02, 2014