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SLUCEII LUXE (Land Use in an eXurban Environment) V 1.0
LUXE is a land-use change model featuring different levels of land market implementation. It integrates utility measures, budget constraints, competitive bidding, and market interactions to model land-use change in exurban environment.
S Sun
Sep 10, 2013
Simulation of the Long-term Effects of Decentralized and Adaptive Investments in Cross-agency Interoperable and Standard Systems
Agent-based model using Blanche software 4.6.5. Blanche software is included in the dataset file.
S Lee
May 09, 2009
Simulation of ethnic conflicts
This is the final version of the model. To simulate the normative dynamics we used the EmIL (EMergence In the Loop) Framework which was kindly provided by Ulf Lotzmann.
S Markisic
Dec 01, 2013
Simulating the Cinema Market: How Cross-Cultural Differences in Social Influence Explain Box Office Distributions
This model simulates the motion picture industry and tests how social influences affect market shares. It is empirically validated at the micro level by a cross-cultural survey.
S Delre
Feb 11, 2010
Simulating Knowledge Dynamics in Innovation Networks
3.8 with Unis
N Gilbert
Mar 03, 2010
SimAdapt: An individual-based genetic model for simulating landscape management impacts on populations
F Rebaudo
Sep 20, 2012
Shared Norms and the Evolution of Ethnic Markers
The publication and mathematical model upon which this ABM is based shows one mechanism that can lead to stable behavioral and cultural traits between groups.
ND Rollins
Jan 22, 2010
Setting the Stage for Inequality
How can a strictly egalitarian social system give way to a stratified society if all of its members punish each other for any type of selfish behavior? This model examines the role of prestige bias in constant and variable environments on the...
TJ Dennehy
Mar 11, 2013
segregation model with multiple variables and explit spatiality
This model is a more comprehensive version of the original model; descriptions and expanations are added
A Koch
Oct 28, 2009
An algorithm implemented in NetLogo that can be used for searching resources.
R Damaceanu
May 03, 2012
SBH trust model
This is a computational model to articulate the theory and test some assumption and axioms for the trust model and its relationship to SBH.
D Wang
Dec 14, 2010
Ring Around the Kula: The Influence of Ceremonial Exchange on Network Formation
The purpose of the model is to examine the strength of network connections in a ceremonial exchange network in a non-hierarchical society.
A Tovinen
Dec 16, 2008
This model, realized on the NetLogo platform, compares utility levels at home and abroad to simulate agents’ migration and their eventual return. Our model is based on two fundamental individual features, i.e. risk aversion and initial expectation,...
A Pluchino
Nov 29, 2012
Replication of the Demographic Prisoner's Dilemma
The provided source code is the result of our efforts in replicating Epstein’s Demographic Prisoner’s Dilemma. The simulation model is written in Repast/J 3.1.
W Radax
Oct 06, 2009
Replication of ECEC model: Environmental Feedback and the Evolution of Cooperation
The model, presented here, is a re-implementation of the Pepper and Smuts’ model : - Pepper, J.W. and B.B. Smuts. 2000. “The evolution of cooperation in an ecological context: an agent-based model”. Pp. 45-76 in T.A. Kohler and G.J. Gumerman, eds....
P Bommel
Apr 05, 2011