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Modelling Electricity Consumption in Office Buildings: An Agent Based Approach
This is the electronic companion to the paper “Modelling Electricity Consumption in Office Buildings: An Agent Based Approach”
T Zhang
May 19, 2011
Modeling information Asymmetries in Tourism
A very simple model elaborated to explore what may happens when buyers (travelers) have more information than sellers (tourist destinations)
JA Baggio
Feb 15, 2013
Modeling Arabian Upraise, a System Dynamics Approach: Egypt case study
A System Dynamics Model to anticipate insurgent movements and policy design to handle them .
M Nazari
Oct 05, 2011
Model to simulation the landscape of possible shedding games
This model simulates 2048 versions of shedding games and evaluates the consequences on the average length and the difficulty of the game agents experience. The purpose of the model is to understand th
MA Janssen
May 16, 2010
Model to assess factors that influence local communities compliance with protected areas policies
We built a model using R,polr package, to assess 55 published case studies from developing countries to determine what factors influence the level of compliance of local communities with protected area regulations.
GS Andrade
Nov 20, 2011
Model of Context Switching with Segregation
In the context switching model, a society of agents embedded in multiple social relations, engages in a simple abstract game: the consensus game. Each agent has to choose towards one of two possible choices which are basically arbitrary. The...
D Nunes
Aug 02, 2012
ModEco and the PMM - A simple physically conservative complete sustainable economy.
Perpetual Motion Machine - A simple economy that operates at both a biophysical and economic level, and is sustainable. The goal: to determine the necessary and sufficient conditions of sustainability, and the attendant necessary trade-offs.
GH Boyle
Feb 03, 2013
Mobility USA (MUSA)
MUSA is an ABM that simulates the commuting sector in USA. A multilevel validation was implemented. Social network with a social-circle structure included. Two types of policies have been tested: market-based and preference-change.
D Natalini
Dec 08, 2013
Memetic Exploration of Demand
In this presentation, we use the concept of meme to explore evolution of demand.
Aug 09, 2010
MayaSim: An agent-based model of the ancient Maya social-ecological system
MayaSim is an agent-based, cellular automata and network model of the ancient Maya. Biophysical and anthropogenic processes interact to grow a complex social ecological system.
S Heckbert
Sep 28, 2012
MASTOC - A Multi-Agent System of the Tragedy Of The Commons
MASTOC is a replication of the Tragedy of the Commons by G. Hardin, programmed in NetLogo 4.0.4, based on behavioral game theory and Nash solution.
J Schindler
Nov 30, 2010
Mast seeding model
Purpose of the model is to perform a “virtual experiment” to test the predator satiation hypothesis, advanced in literature to explain the mast seeding phenomenon.
G Bravo
Sep 07, 2012
Mass Shooting Simulation
This model was design to test parameters that affects the number of people shot during mass shooting. This basic formulation places a gunman in a crowd and allows the users to manipulate parameters of the gunman.
RL Hayes
Aug 26, 2013
Market for Protection
Simulation to replicate and extend an analytical model (Konrad & Skaperdas, 2010) of the provision of security as a collective good. We simulate bandits preying upon peasants in an anarchy condition.
SJ Doubleday
Jul 01, 2013
ManPraSim: A Management Practice Simulation
This simulation model is associated with the journal paper “A First Approach on Modelling Staff Proactiveness in Retail Simulation Models” to appear in the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 14 (2) 2. The authors are Peer-Olaf...
Feb 23, 2011