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Landscape connectivity and predator–prey population dynamics
A simple model to assess the effect of connectivity on interacting species (i.e. predator-prey type)
JA Baggio
Nov 10, 2011
Managing Connectivity: insights from modelling species interactions accross multiple scales in an idealized landscape
The model objective’s is to explore the management choice set to uncover which subsets of strategies are most effective at maximizing species coexistence on a fragmented landscape.
JA Baggio
Oct 01, 2012
Comparing agent-based models on experimental data of irrigation games
Comparing 7 alternative models of human behavior and assess their performance on a high resolution dataset based on individual behavior performance in laboratory experiments.
JA Baggio
Jul 02, 2013
Modeling information Asymmetries in Tourism
A very simple model elaborated to explore what may happens when buyers (travelers) have more information than sellers (tourist destinations)
JA Baggio
Feb 15, 2013
Universal Darwinism in Dutch Greenhouses
An ABM, derived from a case study and a series of surveys with greenhouse growers in the Westland, Netherlands. Experiments using this model showshow that the greenhouse horticulture industry displays diversity, adaptive complexity and an uneven...
J Kasmire
May 09, 2012
Optimising Emergence
The various technologies used inside a Dutch greenhouse interact in combination with an external climate, resulting in an emergent internal climate, which contributes to the final productivity of the greenhouse. This model examines how differing...
J Kasmire
Jun 07, 2013
Hohokam Water Management Simulation (HWM)
Simulation of irrigation system management using archaeological data from southern Arizona
JT Murphy
Aug 31, 2011
A land-use model to illustrate ambiguity in design
This is an agent-based model that allows to test alternative designs for three model components. The model was built using the LUDAS design strategy, while each alternative is in line with the strategy. Using the model, it can be shown that...
J Schindler
Nov 05, 2012
An agent-based model of adaptive cycles of the spruce budworm
This is an empirically calibrated agent-based model that replicates spruce-budworm outbreaks, one of the most cited adaptive cycles reported. The adaptive-cycle metaphor by L. H. Gunderson and C. S. Holling posits the cross-case existence of...
J Schindler
Aug 18, 2012
MASTOC - A Multi-Agent System of the Tragedy Of The Commons
MASTOC is a replication of the Tragedy of the Commons by G. Hardin, programmed in NetLogo 4.0.4, based on behavioral game theory and Nash solution.
J Schindler
Nov 30, 2010
A simple Multi-Agent System of the Tragedy Of the Commons (MASTOC-s)
This is a simple model replicating Hardin’s Tragedy of the Commons using reactive agents that have psychological behavioral and social preferences.
J Schindler
Jun 29, 2012
cultural group and persistent parochialism
Discriminators who have limited tolerance for helping dissimilar others are necessary for the evolution of costly cooperation in a one-shot Prisoner’s Dilemma. Existing research reports that trust in
J Kim
Nov 07, 2010
A Computational Model of Workers Protest
We present an agent-based model of worker protest informed by Epstein (2002). Workers have varying degrees of grievance depending on the difference between their wage and the average of their neighbors. They protest with probabilities proportional...
J Kim
May 12, 2011
Linear Threshold
NetLogo implementation of Linear Threshold model of influence propagation.
K Sarkar
Nov 02, 2012
Optimal Trading Strategies of Agents in a Population of Firms: An Agent-Based Approach to Soccer Transfer Markets
Default Initial skill, read ODD for more info. The purpose of the model presented by Salau is to study the ’player profit vs. club benefit’ dilemma present in professional soccer organizations.
KR Salau
Dec 16, 2008