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Collective Decision Making for Ecological Restoration

Moira Zellner, Dean Massey, Cristy Watkins, Kristen Ross
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Submitted: Dec 12, 2012
Last Updated: Mar 23, 2013
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Ecological restoration, particularly in urban contexts, is a complex collective decision-making process that involves a diversity of stakeholders and experts, each with their own perceptions about what landscapes should and can look like, how to get them to the desired state, and on what timeline. CoDMER can be used to investigate how structural and behavioral factors can influence collective decision making processes and outcomes in the context of ecological restoration. It is informed by existing literature on collective decision making and empirical data from the Chicago Wilderness region.

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Watkins, C., Massey, D., Brooks, J., Ross, K., Zellner, M. L. (in review). “Understanding the mechanisms of collective decision-making in ecological restoration: An agent-based model of actors and organizations.” Ecology and Society.

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